/Can I Get Updates?

Can I Get Updates?

Updates to the ATM locations database are made each week on the first business day (typically Monday’s unless it falls on a nationally recognized holiday). If you would like to receive updated to the ATM data file, multiple update options and price schedules are available during the checkout process. You can choose to update weekly as each revision is released, or you can choose a monthly update option which is slightly less expensive. In addition, you can choose a payment schedule (ie. monthly, quarterly, annual, etc.) that best serves your needs. These payment schedule options have price breaks built in as well.

Delivery of the update files is a customized process as well. You can choose to receive the update files via postal mail on DVD media, have them uploaded via FTP to a location of your choosing, have the database uploaded from a file delivery or transport service, or just about anything that fits your business model. Our developers can create very tailored and customized delivery/drop off mechanisms based on your exact needs.

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